About F. Matan worshop

The Frédéric Matan stone carving workshop was founded in February 2007. It is located in the business district at Domaine des Trois Fontaines in Le Pouget, close to Montpellier, in Southern France.

The workshop’s mission is to produce architectural pieces by carving and sculpting stone for new construction, decoration and restoration of existing structures.

The stone carving workshop has the equipment needed to perform any type of work: stone cutter to make custom pieces; a stone tower to work on large pieces (1000 – 1500 lbs) for the making of balusters, columns & vases; a mobile crane for handling (with lifting and belt clip); compressor and all electrical and hand tools needed to carve the stone.

Since its inception the company has completed over 300 projects for a diversified clientele. Furthermore, the company is committed to train an apprentice from the Association Les Compagnons du Devoir and Tour de France each year. This organization trains more than 8,200 apprentices each year.


Frédéric Matan was awarded the prestigious title of Best Artisan Worker of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in 2004.
This title is awarded only in France through a competition between professionals. The competition, held every 3 years, is certified by the Ministry of Labour.
The title of Best Artisan Worker of France recognizes long years of work, research, tools and
selection of the best raw materials, best practices and expertise.
Best Artisan Worker of France

Key Qualifications

Master Craftsman (2009)

Frédéric Matan has held this title since 2009. It is awarded to leaders and corporate officers of companies only when justified. It is based on having a master’s degree, thorough knowledge in management and psychology, a recognized know-how of, and participation in, training and a registration in a trade directory for a minimum of 10 years.

Certificate of Professional Identity (2015)

It's a « resume » of the company that provides customers (private or public) information about the professional competency of the company. It allows Matan’s stone carving workshop to receive accreditation with contractors, particularly within the government sector.


Prize of Ministry of Agriculture and Food (2019)

Frédéric Matan received the Silver Medal of the Lépine Competition and got all the recognition for his work over his connected plates in stone, with included NFC chip.​


Silver Medal of Lépine Competition

Frédéric Matan received the Silver Medal for this prize during the Lépine Competition which presents innovating projects and allows to new inventors to be known and to get recognition of their invention. He got this prize for his connected plates in stone, with included NFC chip.