Processing method

Frédéric Matan's stone carving worshop is equipped with modern
and performing devices to guarantee a high level of quality and
to make work easier for employees. Thanks to our equipment we
can work with heavy weight and receive a large quantity of stones.


Natural stone is a living material, noble and elegant. As such, stone has varied and original veining tones, gives a unique charm, and also allows for extraordinary robustness and sustainability. Selected natural stone used for construction highlights the richness of its characteristics, never defects. This is why F. Matan provides top tips for how best to maximize your renovation or new construction. Our perfect knowledge of natural stone is an integral part of our services. Only a professional stone craftsman can provide the professional guidance needed to make your choice.

 There are three main categories of stone: sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic rocks. Some of them are used for construction and others for decoration. Stone is a durable and strong material. It contributes to the identity and architecture of a region through its color, texture and form.


Granite’s magmatic origin gives it an exceptional hardness. It is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms for its high scratch resistance and minimal absorption. It comes in many shades, including pink, red, blue and black.


Marble is originally a limestone that has undergone earth shocks due to the proximity of magmatic rocks.


Limestone is formed by the accumulation of terrestrial and marine sediments at the surface of the earth. This is the most common stone found in France and is our main source of supply.

Ready to export

Every piece is carefully prepared for overseas transport. Each piece need to make a specific packed with a specific casing to optimize the level of proctection for each realized project.